Why Create A Bucket List

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~ “Happiness is not a goal… it’s a by-product of a life well lived.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Why create a bucket list? Although there are numerous articles out there in the blogosphere that’ll discourage you to create a bucket list, I will give you reasons, very short and simple reasons, on why you should create a bucket list.

Create a bucket list because it’ll give you “something” to look forward to.

A bucket list gives direction to our lives through the goals we want to accomplish.  It tells us that there are pleasurable moments and joyous situations out there to pursue everyday.

It reminds us why we are living in the first place, what are our reasons of being.


“Why create a bucket list?” you asked.
“Simple,” I say to you. “Creating a bucket list is an ingenious idea.”

It unleashes our creativity and boosts our imagination. A well-crafted bucket list reminds us of the things that we truly value and shows us that it is possible to live our version of a perfect life. It allows us to dream.

Creating a bucket list allows us to become ecstatic yet again about living. It makes us passionate about life. It gives meaning to our existence once more and shows us the true beauty of our “being”.

Writing a bucket list rekindles us with the true meaning of life – to live life to its fullest potential.


Why create a bucket list?
Because a bucket list is a binary.

Creating a bucket list gently keeps your feet on the ground while it lets you soar infinitely.

It constantly reminds you of your reality and allows you to imagine simultaneously.

It tells you to remember to live in the present moment by letting you think about the future and urges you to live by reminding you that you will die.


Why create a bucket list?

A bucket list constantly reminds us of our mortality. By doing so, it teaches us to live – to truly live!


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