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~ What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” – Zig Ziglar

Here is my bucket list. A list of all the things I want to achieve in a lifetime. It is based on my passions, my values, my aspirations, and my philosophy. I created this to serve as a road-map guiding me in my journey through life. This is a bucket list about living and happiness. This is my bucket list. A bucket list that I can say is genuinely me.

Feel free to browse and be inspired!

  1. Explore at least one tourist destination in every region in the Philippines
  2. Have a weekend getaway in Cebu
  3. (Then) Have a weekday getaway in Batanes, Philippines
  4. See the sunrise in every continent in the world
  5. Send fifty postcards from fifty countries I visited
  6. Become awestruck by the northern lights
  7. Hike Pulag (in Benguet Philippines) during an early February weekday morning, wait for the sunrise, and be amazed looking at the sea of clouds
  8. Enjoy the view of Sagada alone
  9. Sleep under the stars
  10. See genuine snow
  11. Meditate on top of a mountain or a cliff (Trolltunga would be an awesome spot)
  12. Have a traditional batek (tattoo) in Kalinga (2016 travel guide here)
  13. Go to Machu Picchu in Peru by hiking the Incan trail
  14. Learn how to surf in Baler Aurora (or San Juan, La Union), Philippines
  15. Learn how to swim
  16. (Then) Swim with whales, sharks, turtles, or jelly fish (or all)
  17. Become a dive master
  18. Live in a small island for six months
  19. Live in the mountains
  20. Live abroad for a year
  21. Get my passport
  22. Do soul searching in Bhutan
  23. Learn enough about Buddhist Philosophy
  24. Visit H.H. in Nepal
  25. Find your spirituality in Vatican City
  26. Find peace through tea and coffee brewing
  27. Inspire 1000 people to create and complete their bucket list
  28. Help others find happiness
  29. Embark on a gap year
  30. Start my own blog
  31. Start my own business
  32. Work from home
  33. Build my home
  34. Write a book of short stories or a novel
  35. Become a published writer
  36. Record my own music
  37. Learn how to play an unconventional musical instrument
  38. Capture the beauty of the world
  39. Take a photograph that will change my life (and others too!)
  40. Win a national competition
  41. Invent something
  42. Commit in a 12 months social experiment
  43. Commit to #100daysofhappiness
  44. Do 365 things that scare me
  45. Have a perfect day
  46. Have my master’s degree
  47. Have my doctorate degree
  48. Have my own signature barbecue
  49. Speak in TED
  50. Speak another Philippine dialect/language besides Tagalog
  51. Speak fluently in a foreign language (besides English)
  52. Live a minimalist life
  53. Earn a black belt (or an equivalent) in a martial art
  54. Run in a marathon
  55. Join in a mountain run
  56. Get on a bus bound to somewhere I don’t know
  57. Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands. (Hopefully, not in a sea or ocean.)
  58. Become a child again
  59. Become an apprentice in a local pizzeria in Italia
  60. Build my own wood-fired pizza stove
  61. Get lost and find my way back
  62. Develop a green thumb, plant some trees and watch them grow
  63. Grow my own vegetable and herb garden
  64. Grow a (manly) beard
  65. Have a manly hobby
  66. Mentor a sports team
  67. Help a total stranger
  68. Party! Party!
  69. Commit myself to a noble cause
  70. Adopt a dog as part of the family
  71. Marry the woman of my life
  72. Become a father
  73. Live long enough to see my grandchildren
  74. Become a yogi
  75. Become a master of something
  76. Become a source of change in the world

What do you think of my bucket list? I want it to serve you as much as it serves me. I hope that by browsing mine, you’ve been inspired to make yours.

This is a bucket list that is genuinely me. If you need some help in making a bucket list that is genuinely you, give me a comment or e-mail me. I am here.


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