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It’s Alright To Work 9-5, And Not Travel The World

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“Life is too short for you to be stuck in an office cubicle wasting your time on something you don’t love. You must drop everything, travel the whole world and pursue your passion!” This is the idealism spread forth in the cyberspace. The lifestyle that almost all millennials want to achieve. A non-traditional work culture, a business born out of pure passion, a permanent sabbatical.

I hold to the same ideology: Live Your Life Towards Your Own Happiness! Life is ephemeral, it mustn’t be spent on non-essentials. Do only the things that’ll make you happy. All others are waste of your fleeting existence. Holding onto such life precept is enlivening at first, but it took its toll later on.

Frustrations. Vain Attempts. Waste of Times. My psychological well-being spiraled down before me and my conscious effort to live a happy life. I focused on pursuing the “grand and majestic”. These were the only things that can bring happiness. After all, those people who are working on Google, those who’re earning a living while travelling the world, and those who’re passively earning from the internet are our generation’s new definition of successful.  If you are somebody who is working 9 to 5, spending an eternity  travelling to and fro on EDSA, and giddily waiting for another long-weekend excursion, then by all means you’re a loser by today’s standards.


It’s Alright To Work 9-5, And Not Travel The World

I am sure you feel miserable, that your life’s in a rut. But I have something important to tell you… It’s alright to work 9-5, and not travel the world. Despite of what the internet is telling you, it’s not the true measure of success nor happiness. Take me as an example, I am working in an island paradise but it’s not perfect – I have my share of good and bad. In fact, I almost fell into depression in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I chased the surreal because I thought it is the only thing that count. I was wrong, it was far more than the picturesque and resplendent moments.  It was when I experienced melancholia that I learned:

The millennials are wrong. (I’m included) 

It’s alright to work 9-5, and not travel the world.

There’s no shame working in an enclosed office cubicle.

It’s okay to traverse EDSA or ride the crappy MRT/LRT daily.

There’s nothing wrong in looking forward for the next long weekend.

All these doesn’t mean that you are a loser. In fact, it doesn’t mean a thing besides that you’re living, trying to make a life.


Live Your Life Towards Your Own Happiness

I still live my life towards happiness. However, I am not too preoccupied with the grand and majestic anymore. I learned not to be hard on myself. To take it slow. To live one day at a time. Because in a society that honors the fast-paced, taking it slow is a revolution. It empowers us to see the flaw on the new system – the system of the fast and the grandiose. It reorients us on what is truly essential. It let us understand that happiness does not hide in a white hammock by the beach or on one of the slides in Google Headquarters.

Happiness is within us. It is found on the things that are genuinely important to us. Therefore, you don’t need to travel the whole world anymore to be happy. It’s fine to sit in an office cubicle, and work 9 to 5. You’ll find happiness all the same. You just have to take it slow, Live One Day At A Time, and look closely. Don’t Be Hard On Yourself.  

4 thoughts on “It’s Alright To Work 9-5, And Not Travel The World

  1. well that’s a nice article!it’s true, whether we work on a kitchen for straight 12 hours and not having the chance to sit our tired ass down, as long as you do the job you love with passion, you’ll be happy! Hi Sir Keith! haha i was an ojt from balesin just reading by!

    1. Happiness comes from within, not from without. You are right on all terms. I believe that passion is something very important in happiness. You are very welcome to read my blog, Rosiel.

  2. Those phrases. Take it slow, live one day at a time, don’t be hard on yourself. Cheers to us, millenials. 😉 Stumbled upon this meaningful post while browsing for an Apo Whang Od tips. Nice one, sir.

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