I Created A Bucket List Because…

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~ “Live your life towards your own happiness”

I created a bucket list because I want to live and be happy. It is as simple as that! No matter how cliché and hipster it may sound but really; “you only live once, my friend.” I have an enormous respect for time. I believe that life is too short for us to spend even a minute for things which doesn’t count, especially those things that cause us sadness, resentment, and frustrations.

There had been a time in my life where I can say that I am doing just that – wasting time. For the greater part I am alive but not living, and there is a difference between living and being alive. I decided to change that, I don’t want to be just alive anymore. That was the time I created this site – the day I decided to live.

I created this site mainly because I want my bucket list to become a reminder and a motivation for me to live my life and be happy. I think creating this site will do exactly that. It is my own form of accountability. It would be harder for me to quit. Also, I want my bucket list to become a source of inspiration for others like you.  I am sure that at one point (or several points) in your life you created your own bucket list. You also dreamt to travel Venice, have a picture under the Eiffel Tower, and island hop the Philippines. We all decided to live at least once in our lives. But the more important question is, when would that decision be more than a decision?

I urge you to start living and be happy. Retrieve that long-forgotten bucket list inside your desk drawer, or a better alternative would be to create your very own bucket list that is genuinely you. Come on! Get a piece of paper and put the places you really love to visit – may it be South Africa, the Arctic, or Korea – and place the activities you want to try – cliff dive in Niagara Falls, skydive from ten thousand feet, or canyoneer in Cebu. Just write all the things you want to do before you die.

If ever you’ll need inspiration may you find it here, or better yet, take a look at my very own bucket list. I’ll be happy if you do! If you need to copy a goal of mine or alter it for the better you are totally free to do so. Do whatever you want as long as it’ll make you happy, my friend! After all, this entire thing is as much as about you as it is about me. I really don’t want to do this by myself. That would be dull and boring. Completing a bucket list is much enjoyable with others. We can be partners (in crime or) towards happiness! Having a community of people living their life and being happy is better.


It is never too late to start living!

P.S. THIS IS IMPORTANT! I post one article per week. You can also read my other articles. They’re all fun! Share those with your friends, make fun of the articles, print the articles then make then paper airplanes. As I said, do whatever you want as long as it makes you happy!

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P.P.P.S. This is really really important! In case you got lost on all the fancy writing (and many post scripts), I created a bucket list because (1) I want to live, (2) I want to be happy, and (3) I want to inspire other people to live and be happy. So that we’re clear.


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