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In this post I will teach you the most common mistake in making a bucket list, the major reason why many people lack the passions – the enthusiasm – in pursuing and completing their bucket list.

And the most common mistake is:


The most common mistake is that majority of people make travel lists or adventure lists instead of making bucket lists. More often than not, an ill-conceived bucket list is just a list of awesome things to do rather than a list of things that is connected to our values, a list of things containing our own brand of happiness. More often than not, such bucket lists just lead to frustration and feeling of under-accomplishment.

Learning how to surf and climbing Mt. Everest are definitely cool activities. But these may be activities that are not genuinely you. Most of the time, these are things which we picked because we think they are cool. This is not how we make a bucket list. The goals of your bucket list must have meaning in our life, not just random “cool” activities or romantic travel destinations.

It is with high hopes that by knowing this mistake, you will know how to make a bucket list that is worth pursuing and completing.


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