How To Create A Bucket List That Is Genuinely You

How To Create A Bucket List That Is Genuinely You

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~ “Listen to your heart.

Listen to your instincts.

Listen to inner voice.

It is your true self.

It will guide you to make the right choices.”

– Lailah Giffty Akita, founder of Smart Youth Volunteers Foundation


Creating a bucket list that is genuinely you is not an easy task to do, but being able to accomplish such bucket list – a list in-sync with your goals, values, aspirations – is a very fulfilling and important feat. It gives you an unlimited flow of inspiration and energy to pursue and complete your bucket list goals.

In this article, I will teach you how to do such that: how to create a bucket list that is genuinely you. I will help you not to fall into the pit of doing a list of travel adventures, dream destinations, and death defying activities that has nothing to do with who you really are. A genuinely-you bucket list is a 100% epitome of yourself.

In creating a bucket list worth pursuing and completing, you must give time; you must let your creativity flow; and lastly, you must have at least a simple understanding of who you are. Also, Google helped a lot.

This guide is based on the own process I did when I created my bucket list.



Creating your bucket list requires a lot of brainstorming, inspiration and introspection. Taking some time off your busy schedule would really help you to become inspired.  It minimizes the chance of you being distracted. Less distraction means you’ll be able to focus more and think clearly. Also, a peaceful and awe-inspiring place will give you opportunity to introspect. I am working (and living) in a private, small island paradise, so this was not a problem for me. I just took a day-off from work and sat on the shore.

You can do this in your favorite coffee shop, in a library, or any of your favorite quiet spot. Ask yourself, “Where do I want my life to lead?” “What do I want to do with my life?” Answer these questions. Take deep breaths and be calm. Just give it some time; the answers will come out one-by-one. Write them down.



Some people who made their bucket list who made their bucket list say that consulting the internet limits our creativity. For them, it makes us copycats. Yes, I also believe that copying bucket list goals from the internet not only makes us copycats but it also means that we are not making a bucket list that is genuinely us. We are not creating a bucket list truly worth of pursuing and completing.

So instead of copying, get inspirations from different bucket lists of different people in the internet. Just be inspired. Do not copy. Tweak the goals the speak to you – change it a little, make it a little bit cooler, revise it minutely to suit your personality.

Copying makes us copycats, but getting inspiration makes us passionate. It enhances our capabilities to make a bucket list that is genuinely us.

Also, do not limit yourself. Limiting yourself means that you are limiting your creativity already. Just let it flow. Even if your goal seems impossible, do not discredit it right away. Keep all your goals, no matter how farfetched it may seem. Nothing is impossible until you’ve exhausted all the possibility.



After you brainstormed and ransacked the internet, you will have an exaggeratedly long list of things you want to do. If so, it is time for you to trim it down. There are steps you can do:

    1. CATEGORIZE: I categorize mine based on my core values, then I cross out goals which do not fit in any of my values. You can categorize your list in other ways you see fit.
    2. REMOVE THE ULTRA IMPOSSIBLE: Visiting all the continents may seem farfetched but it is not impossible. For sure, there are goals in your list like go to the moon or find aliens on Mars. These are the ultra impossible goals. Unless you are going to be an astronaut, remove them.
    3. ASK: WILL I BE HAPPY: Lastly, ask the very important question:


Will I be happy pursuing/completing this goal?”

This makes your bucket list from being a simple, typical bucket list to being a bucket list you are passionate about. Your bucket list goals must make you happy just by thinking of doing it. Yes, sky diving is really cool but is it genuinely you? Not because it is cool means it must be in your bucket list. Your list must speak who you really are.



I started with 230 goals just for the things I want to do under the category travel. My bucket list now only has 76 goals.

The next step is to audit your list a bit more. Apply the precept below:

“What does your heart tell you?”

“What does your inner voice whispers?”

“Will you truly be happy spending time completing this bucket list?”

Trim down your goals until you are completely satisfied with your list – until you are confident that it is an epitome of you; that you will be happy pursuing and completing this bucket list. Make sure that your bucket list makes you live your life towards your own happiness.



“Hike Mt. Pulag during an early February weekday morning, wait for the sunrise, and be amazed by the sea of clouds” is a goal that is more interesting than a goal simply saying: “Hike Mt. Pulag.”

Be specific. It’s what makes your bucket list genuinely you.

For sure, many have goals of “learn how to surf,” but there are just a very few of us who wants to “learn how to surf in Baler Aurora Philippines.”

But still, do not be too specific all the time. Do not sacrifice the 90% of your life to achieve the 10% of your bucket list goal. This is not how we live, we should still enjoy every moment – even the minutest. This is why I have goals like help a total stranger and have a perfect day to enjoy the little things.

Also, you must let creativity reign. It spices up everything. It makes your bucket list less dull and boring. I have goals like become a child again and get lost and find my way back. It is “packaging” the goals creatively. I have some ideas what I want to achieve with such goals but I want to give myself some breathing room on how to achieve such goals.

I hope that this article gave you valuable guidance on how to create a bucket list that will make you happy – a bucket list that is worthy of pursuing and completing because it is genuinely you.


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