How I Stayed In A Members-Only Island Club for Eight Months!

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One of my bucket list goals is to stay in a small island for six months. Been there, done that. I managed to stay in a 500-hectare private, members-only, island club in the Philippines which is said to be the island paradise of the rich and famous. And stay I did. I have been staying here for more than eight months now.

Truly, this island is really a destination of unmatched beauty. Aside from the flawless architectural reconstruction of seven of the world’s most luxurious destinations, the deep turquoise waters and the natural beauty of the island is what really amaze me. The perfect symbiosis of man-made and environmental beauty is what mesmerizes me.

I have been able to stay here for eight months because of a simple and practical way. I am not the son of a wealthy business man nor did I not win the lottery. I don’t have millions to stay here for eight months as a member. I don’t even have a fraction of the money needed to become a member.

I work here. Yes. I am a staff member, an employee, a worker.

Working in an island paradise has its ups and downs I will tell you that, but this is also the most beautiful and stunning workplace I had ever worked on. Just see the sun rise at the Pacific and watch it sets at the turquoise-turning-orangey-yellow waters of Lamon Bay, and all that “downs” will turn into “ups.”

Every time I feel it is time to move on, I remind myself why I worked here in the first place. I decided to work here to have a work environment atypical of a corporate setting.

I wanted to take it slow.

Being burned-out by the fast-paced work from my previous job I decided to take it slow. I want to find peace and happiness by going slow on life. I believe that “slow” can teach us an awful lot. And it did.

Balesin Island (2)I realized that most of the things I was so hurriedly trying to get are just dead weight; dead weight to my psychological well-being and physical health, dead weight to my capacity for happiness and power to truly live. Going slow, working (and living) in a place where most of the days are short and the nights are long, reminded me of what are the things that are really important. Those are not the things that are there in the future but the things that are here in the present.

Going slow taught me to live in the present.

It is like a slow deep breath. Deliberate. Conscious. Purposeful.

It fills the lungs with air and delivers vital oxygen to the blood. It expels the negativities – all the stresses and all the worries – out of the body.

Going slow gives me a sense of purpose. It lets me focus. It gives me time to think. It let me experience each simple day with a different eye. I see the beauty amidst the chaos. And it makes me happy.


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