2016: My Year In Half

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I unwittingly breezed through the contents of my 2016 planner. That was when the intention of writing down the emotions I felt during my recently concluded Ilocos Trip turned into a “(mid)year in review” moment; I found myself reading through the pages, looking back. I realized then that more than half a year already passed. I […]

Minalungao National Park, Nueva Ecija

Minalungao National Park, Nueva Ecija: Travelogue + Quick Travel Guide

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Two towering limestone chiseled by the flowing Peñaranda River in the middle, Minalungao National Park in Nueva Ecija reminded me of my Canyoneering trip in Cebu. Yet, I quickly realized that it was a different kind of adventure – serene, laid-back, and family-centered. It is something close to home.   How To Get To Minalungao […]

Buscalan, Kalinga (2016 Travel Guide)

Home of Apo Whang Od: How To Get To Buscalan, Kalinga In A Limited Budget (2016 Travel Guide)

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Buscalan, Kalinga is an unusual travel destination in the heart of the Cordilleras that is gaining popularity because of Apo Whang Od, the last mambabatok (traditional tattooist) of the province. Just last February 2016, I visited Buscalan for two days and one night (2D1N) to get a bâtok (traditional tattoo). read my travelogue In this travel guide, I will share to […]

Whang Od [(c) Caloy Llamas]

Whang Od And My Bâtok

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Important: This is a travelogue about my journey of getting a bâtok (tattoo) from Apo Whang Od. If you are interested on a travel itinerary or a travel guide, you can read that here. The fog enveloping the mountainside, the sunshine slightly cutting through the clouds, the locals and tourists sipping their coffees – steam slowly […]

How To Be Positive

How To Be Positive In 2016

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How to be positive in 2016 is the first article I decided to post this year amidst a wide array of relevant new year articles like “How To Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick” or “How To Eliminate our Christmas Bellies”, simply because for many people, New Year equates to a new start [New Year = New […]

2015: My Year in Review - Keith Cruz

2015: My Year In Review

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As 2016 beckons with promises of new hope for those who bungled, and continued success for the ones who flourished, I take this moment to put 2015 at the stand and do My Year In Review (or Annual Review) because beyond the set of pictures mindlessly selected by Facebook and as an obligatory fad, “2015: My […]