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I am Keith Cruz: thrill seeker + dreamer + humanist + hedonist + organized + bit crazy

I dedicate my life towards living and being happy. I believe that we can achieve these by pursuing life goals that are align with our core values, passions, and aspirations – goals that truly make us live and be happy. So, I created a bucket list to encapsulate all these life goals. I encourage you to  also create and complete a bucket list that is genuinely you. I am here to help. Always remember to live your life towards your own brand of happiness.


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My Bucket List

My Bucket List is a list of 76 goals I want to achieve in my lifetime. It serves as a road map guiding me in my journey through life. This bucket list is about living and happiness. It may seem common but is utterly unique. It is based on my own life philosophy. Some goals in my bucket list are:

You can see my complete bucket list here.


My Site:

(And) this is my site. This is dedicated in fulfilling my bucket list. This is a product of who I am: my experiences, my values, my personality, my desires. This came to life when I decided to live, not that I am dead before, more of dull, boring, lifeless. Also, this site existed not because of a life-changing event I experienced. It is more of a decision, a conscious effort to change my way of life and thought. Before, I am a pessimist and into my head too much. Now I am living outside of my head into the real world, towards adventure and happiness.

You can view my articles here.


My Creed: “Live your life towards your own happiness”

I firmly believe that we should do what brings us happiness in our lives. We must be 100% committed to who we are and what makes us happy. This site is a constant reminder to me of that, this is also a form of commitment.


I also believe that:

We must always seize the day! Commit every single day towards what makes us happy.

What brings happiness is completely different for each person. We are unique from each other. We have different personalities, stories, values, aspirations.

Life is one great adventure. It’s not important what an adventure is for you; whether it is cliff diving, writing poems, or going into a nature retreat with family, it doesn’t matter.  What is important is for us to grab every opportunity for an adventure.

Creating a bucket list is not a very bad idea. In fact, it is ingenious. A bucket list shows and reminds us what are important to us.

Being true to ourselves gives us total happiness. But neither being true to ourselves nor being happy is a simple thing to do.


Some random facts about me:

AboutI am from the beautiful country of the Philippines.

I am 5’10 and I don’t play professional basketball. (So, please stop asking every time).

I have a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences with a major in History and a minor in Psychology.

I really love pizza, pasta, and mi familia.

I am very organized with my stuff and life (that is why I even have a to-do list for my life).

I really love to read books and watch quality movies and television series.

I lived in a mountain for four years and am currently living in a small island paradise.

I consider myself as a renaissance man | polymath | jack of all trades | introvert.


~ “Follow your dreams. It may be a long journey, but the path is right in front of you.”
 – Grace from Mr. Browne’s Book of Precepts, (2014)


Questions: Are you a person who thinks of doing something awe-so-wicked but always end up on doing a boring one? Always wanted to travel the world but never left the life of being a couch potato? Always wanted to create that novel in your head but never put down that PS3 controller?

If you answered yes or most of the time, my friend, you are not alone. I am like that too before.  The tension is not always between people, most of the time the struggle is within us. But I am here to help. We can create a community dedicated not only in completing a bucket list but a community that is helping each other to do what makes them happy every single day.


How To Live A Happy Life

How To Live A Happy Life By Keith Cruz (bordered)

I know that happiness is important to you as it is to me. So,  I will give you the e-book “How To Live A Happy Life” just by subscribing. This is a simple guide on how to live daily a life full of happiness and simple joys. I created this with the intention of helping people like you to start living your life towards your own happiness – helping you do what makes you happy everyday.

This book is a product of my own journey towards happiness. I hope this book may help you even in the minutest of ways as being happy is not really as simple as it seems.

I am with high hopes that this book will be of service to you towards a happy life.


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