A Visit To Art In Island + Why Unleash Your Inner Child

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~ “You’ll find more happiness growing down than up.” – Unknown

Art in Island is the biggest interactive 3D art museum in Asia that gives visitors the chance to play and mingle with art. There are around two hundred 3D paintings in the museum that allow visitors to strike poses and let their creativity and imagination reign.

The museum opened Christmas Day of 2014, but I visited it just last September 2015 – and Oh boy! It was nothing less than amusing, fun and entertaining. I spent two hours becoming a child again; doing poses like nobody cares, letting loose the creative beast (and model) inside me.

It was an amazing experience.

It was awesome.

It unleashed my inner child.

Although I always try to live daily with my inner child unleashed, I experienced a different level of “inner-childness” in Art in Island – completely immersing my self and being subsumed by the concept of the museum. More than just setting free my inner child, I became a child again. I was carefree; I didn’t worry of any peering eyes no matter how awkward or inappropriate my actions were, I didn’t fear any social disapproval no matter how wide my grin was because of things that were intended for children’s amusement (but not for adults).

I lived for two hours as a child again.

This is important – living like a child again. It is good for us. At the very least, we should unleash our inner child as often as possible. I think that our existence is far too valuable to live as “cultured” or “civilized” individuals most of the time. So, I give it my best to face each day how a kid would face his – child-like. I live with constant awe, I try to see common situations uncommonly – marvelously, and I treat each day as an exceptional day. I always try to find delight and joy and happiness in the simplest things in life because I believe that life shouldn’t be as complicated as most of us make it.

We should appreciate life as is; in its purest form, in its simplest. That is, how a child sees life (and the world) from his eyes – extraordinary from an ordinary event; spectacular from a normal occurrence; breathtaking from a lifeless situation.

So, let loose your inner child, it is good for you.

Set it free, it is the best thing to do.

Live life towards your happiness… no matter how absurd and silly it may seem.

Art In Island (2)


Art In Island

Address: 175 15th Ave., Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City

Operating Hours: 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM

Admission Fee: PHP 500 (Adult); PHP 400 (Students)


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