7 Simple Steps On How To Have A Perfect Day

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~ “The way you are living will have been your life” – Unknown

A life of happiness is not achieved by drastically changing our life – ostentatiously altering it from the bottom, up. Happiness is something we have to work on daily. I believe that a life of happiness is an accumulation of joyous days stacking over each other – forming happy weeks, months, year, and then finally a happy lifetime.

It all starts from a single simple happy day – a perfect day.

To have a perfect day is one of my bucket list goals. And I already experienced it. In fact, I had several perfect days already. It is not that hard, it just needs practice and a positive mindset. All you have to do is to strive for it daily. Strive daily to have a perfect day. Don’t worry, I am here to help.

In this article, I will share to you seven simple steps on how to have a perfect day. The steps I am taking daily (until today), hoping for another perfect day to come.

  1. Treat every day as a new day

Striving for a perfect day starts the day before. You must always think of each day as a new day – a tabula rasa, a blank slate. Think of each day as a fresh start, free from the shackles of the past. Forget all the negative things that happened. Release all your worries. Do not let it affect you because it’ll not help you anymore.

Focus on what tomorrow can bring. Think of what lies ahead. Always prepare to charge the next day head-on with all the optimism that you can muster.

Have a good night sleep.

  1. Start the day bright

To have a perfect day, you must start your day not only right. More importantly, you must start your day bright. That is, instantly starting your day with a happy disposition. You can wake-up early, write your goals for the day, do some stretching exercise, have a morning stroll to see the beauty of the new day, or welcome the day with a smile.

You can also make a morning ritual. This is a set of “ritual” you do every morning for you to be able to condition yourself to create a perfect day.

My morning habit (how I call my morning ritual) is as follows:

Wake-upI wake-up early to have enough time to do my other habits. I wake-up at 5:30 AM since I go to work at 7 o’clock. I also make sure to get at least eight (8) hours of sleep so that I wouldn’t be grumpy when I wake-up.

Drink WaterI drink two glasses of water (and take my vitamins) right after I wake-up to make sure that I become hydrated early-on and to keep my body churning and warmed-up.

MeditationAfter taking a bath and getting ready for the day, I do a five minute meditation practice. I alternate body–scan meditation and simple breathing meditation every other day. I do this to calm myself and to make sure to remember to live in the present moment.

JournalingI write in my journal after I meditate. I record my personal insights and set my goal for the day. I also write spontaneously, just writing what comes to my mind. I set aside 5 to 10 minutes for this routine.

Precept of the DayBefore I go to work, I read my precept of the day. I have this book, 365 Days of Wonder, which contains a precept for each day of the year. I do this to further help me start the day; the precept serves as a guide for my day (I lend my book to my girlfriend, she’s just texting me the daily precept every morning). After this, I take my breakfast and go to work.

Coffee or TeaThe last routine in my morning habit is drinking either a coffee or tea. I drink coffee or tea (depends on my mood) when I arrive at the office. It sets the atmosphere right and calms me.

  1. Do not lose the novelty of everyday’s task

Never let the boredom strikes and consumes you. Always re-invent your day especially those concerning with tasks that you are doing daily. You can take a different path going to work, or do house chores today while dancing if possible. Just don’t let it lose its novelty.

It is up to you on how you can spice-up the tasks, even if it is just photocopying, e-mailing, cooking, or doing the dishes. Think of a way to add a sense of freshness even to routine tasks. Maybe you can do the dishes while singing, or catch-up with your colleague’s pregnancy while photocopying. Just perform the tasks everyday with the same amount of novelty the first time you’ve done it.

  1. Make it your personal mission to always lend a helping hand

There is nothing more fulfilling than the feeling that you had been able to help another people. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you’ve change a life for the better.

Helping brings a different kind of happiness.

Helping is from a different happiness spectrum. It is not your typical happy feeling – it is more of bliss, euphoria – because sometimes, no matter how unfortunate and depressing your day has been, it still becomes a perfect day when you have helped someone. Nothing beats knowing that you’ve touched a life. So if you really want to have a perfect day, help someone in need the best you can – lend both of your helping hands (even your feet, if necessary).

  1. Always put a smile on your face

By changing our body posture, our disposition follows. If you smile, you will become happy. This is proven. Do it for a couple of minutes and feel your mood changes as well. Plus happiness is contagious! Others seeing you smile will smile (and become happy) themselves too.

So remember to always smile. Smiling is the official language of happiness. Always turn that frown into a smile and watch your perfect day unfolds between your ears.

  1. Appreciate even the simplest things

Never grow up! A child appreciates even the simplest things in life. Adopt this kind of awe – this mindset. Appreciate how beautiful the sunset and sunrise are. Appreciate a good music and a new song. Appreciate a free ice cream courtesy of your boss.

It doesn’t have to be grand and excessive. Even the minutest of things count. Learn to appreciate all of these just like how a kid appreciates a new toy or a free candy.

  1. Practice gratitude

The last simple step to have a perfect day is to practice gratitude. Be thankful. Be grateful for what the day had given you. If you appreciate the simple things, there will be a lot of things to be thankful about at the end of the day.

You can write your gratitude before going to bed in a notebook or a journal. I practice gratitude this way, you can too. List down your life’s daily progress. The aspects of your life that you are better today than you were yesterday. Give thanks even to these slightest improvements, they will accumulate in time. Also, List down your daily gratitude. Count your blessings, from the simplest to the grandest.

Always practice gratitude to end your day right. By doing so, you are ending your day to become a perfect day.


I hope these simple steps may help you achieve a perfect day. Share this article, let others experience a perfect day as well. If I make sense or resonate with you, you may also subscribe and I will give you a gift, an-ebook: How To Live A Happy Life.

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