7 People Living The Life (And Their Bucket List) That You Should Know

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~ “A journey is best measured in friend, not in miles” – Tim Cahill

A bucket list is not always about the goal. It is also about the people you meet along the way. The relationship you create while on the journey. In this article I will introduce you to seven (plus one) people living the life and their bucket lists.

It is so good to know that we are not alone in this journey. These people inspired me when I was just setting-up my blog. I used their bucket lists and experiences as guide also.

Here they are:


Site tagline:Ephemeral Philippine journeys through travel, food, momhood, and words”

How Gretchen inspires me: She is a Filipino, an adventurer and explorer, a traveler, a dedicated mom. I saw her unconditional love for her daughter through her words. It inspires me that she balances the act of being a polymath and being a mom every single day. She invests on experience, on wonderful moments, which she and her daughter can look back and reminisce years afterward.

What stuck in me: “The road teaches you that even the most well-equipped travelers need others to survive whether they are lost or not.”

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Site Tagline: “Once-in-a-lifetime experiences from around the world”

How Annette inspires me: She will stop at nothing and will do anything for the sake of her bucket list. She explored the Catacombs of Paris, drank snake whiskey in Laos, ate Voodoo donuts in Portland, and digested insects in Thailand. More importantly, she lives a life she loves and inspires other people to do that too.

What stuck in me: When an opportunity presents itself and we want to say no, we should always ask if that negative is fear talking. 90% of the time, it is fear talking. In that case, we should vow to always turn that “no” into a “yes.”

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Site Tagline: “Be your best self, Live your best life”

How Celestine inspires me: What can I say? She is for personal excellence. She is geared towards helping people achieve their highest potential, to be the best version of themselves, and live their best lives. What can be more inspiring than that? Well, blog-wise, she has over a million page views per month which is crazy! She really is beauty, brains, and skills – complete package.

What stuck in me: Our purpose should be timeless and universal

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  1. JOEL RUNYON creator of the IMPOSSIBLE HQ

Site Tagline: “Do Something Impossible Today”

How Joel inspires me: Joel did not settle for anything short of impossible. He decided to push himself into the limits. He decided to do this for him to be able to live a life worth living and writing about. To top all of these, Joel had been able to turn his personal pursuit for greatness into a business and a philanthropic venture as well. That! is how you become legendary!

What stuck in me: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” – Walt Disney

You may want to check his: IMPOSSIBLE LIST (which is not a bucket list according to him)


  1. STEVE KAMB rebel leader of the NERD FITNESS

Site Tagline: “Level up your life, every single day”

How Steve inspires me:  Steve Kamb had been able to make a community of followers not only online but even offline. He is leading a rebellion towards fitness and healthy living. He keeps on inspiring them through his Epic Quest of Awesome which is a witty type of bucket list that shows his nerd-ness beneath his very impressive physique. He is a nerd who learned to dead lift, that really is something inspiring.

What stuck in me: “We don’t care where you came from, only where you are going”




Site Tagline: “Goals are only as good as your accomplishments”

How Danny inspires me: Danny and his blog was the first site I went when I was starting mine. His blog literally gave me the foundations, his very own life list had been my inspiration. His story is very funny as well (tattooing his life list deadline on his butt!).

What stuck in me: “Identify your first item and take action”

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Site Tagline: “Your Adventure Is Out There”

How Kien inspires me: Where and wander is a blog I just recently encountered, and I feel sorry for myself that that is the case. Kein established his site basically with the same purpose as I established mine, to share our experiences to inspire and help others to do the same. It is like he is living the life I am living one step ahead, which for me is really awesome!

What stuck in me: “We simply cannot slow it [time] down… Seconds tick away, minutes become hours and years pass so quickly”

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SHAMELESS PLUG: You may want to visit VincentImbat.com too. He doesn’t have any bucket list but he is really a good friend and helped me a lot with my journey. He focuses on becoming an author and minimalism. I am sure he can help you too.



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